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Saturday 25 June 2011

Letters to Lillys.

THE week began with this Father's Day post on my dear old dad, who after he read it rang me specially to say: "I thought it was quite good."

Others agreed with him, but wanted to say more. Kurt said: "You even managed to get my daughter captivated enough to read all of it, even though she rarely reads anything that has more than a dozen words and a picture!" Flip added: "I had a little cry at your Father's Day piece when I was supposed to be working. It gave the game away but it was worth it. Wonderfully written."

David said: "What a great tribute: lucky dad and lucky you for having him... though I am now feeling a bit of a crap father by comparison..."

Ed: See? I told you he made every other man look rubbish.

The story of the Special Forces soldier subject to a bizarre decision to prosecute him for punching a would-be Taliban assassin who didn't appear to mind caused fewer wet eyes and more debate.

Alex said: "If he admitted it and the authorities said it was fine, there would be a negative backlash... further endangering the lives of servicemen. That's just the way a liberal democracy has to wage war."

Chris added:
"What makes stories such as these particularly sickening/laughable is not so much the persecution of the innocent. When was it ever not so?... However, they can never find quite the same witchfinder zeal when literally tens of thousands of whistle-blowers scream bloody murder at systematic corruption and abuses of power higher up the chain of command. Rank Has Its Privileges - up to and including treason and murder. Do your job, and they'll throw the book at you. Betray your country, and they'll give you a knighthood..."
A second Chris said: "Another depressingly familiar example of our (British) ability to (pedantically) shoot ourselves in the foot. No wonder it's a fight (no pun intended) to attract recruits to our armed forces."

And Jon added: "I'm undergoing something similar for slashing the tyres on a getaway car full of stolen goods. The bad guys thought I was right. The CPS said I was right. My managers are still prosecuting me."

Prime Minister's Questions provoked this post on the weekly announcement of the names of the dead service men and women killed in Afghanistan produced a lot of praise. Fran said: "Such an excellent piece. Needs to be fly-dropped over Westminster." And Justin said: "There's too many career politicians on those benches..."

Hugh was not the only one to point out:
"I'm a huge fan of yours and the message you put across in your latest blog was truly heartfelt and beautifully written. However I think you should remember that Dishface probably does know the sorrow of losing a loved one. Whilst I agree that the cuts to the military are shocking and poorly considered, one should remember that he himself has lost an infant child. I am positive that he knows the pain of the families of the lost. Perhaps he should consider his situation more when deciding where the axe should fall."
Iain, an Apache pilot, added: "Good read, although you are wide of the mark with the GB comments. We are better equipped, paid and prepared than ever. It was the Thatcher years that saw millions wasted on a redundant nuclear deterrent and soldiers sent unprepped to the Falklands."

Tony said: "I've enjoyed your Tweets, bout a book deal, shoes etc, but have you ever hit it home with this blog. Forget book deal. FSF4PM!"

And Frankie said: "Nothing short of the best blog I've ever read, you are saying the things I wish we all could, I can't thank you enough."

Ed: Well, that's lovely. Thank you.

The latest pictures of Zsa Zsa Gabor proved plastic surgery doesn't stop time - or criticism.

Justin said: "Jesus. She looks dead already." Neil added: "Is that a coffin she's in? She already looks embalmed."

Joanne added: 

"Bravo Foxy. The same goes for weight to a degree. The DoC (Kate M) appears more 'plastic' with every pound she loses. Her curves were never over-curvacous but they were what gave her shape, expression, character, individuality and beauty. Another brunette Barbie in the making."
The announcement that this blog had paid for a rather lovely pair of shoes caused Lucy to say: "Would you like to join me in taking over the planet? You show much promise. :) xx" and your correspondent's birthday announcement of a book to be published in time for Christmas provoked a startling revelation from Caroline.

She said: 

"Happy birthday you SEXY, SATIRICAL, SAVVY SISTA. Hope a wise publisher finds you. I shall now unmask you in front of the world because - oh well, many of us here already know. Lillys Miles is really.....(Baited breath from readers)...Fleet Street Fox. (I know the family. Lovely people the Street-Foxes, all of them.). May your blue shoes party!"
Ed: Sssh, don't tell anyone.

And Trevor said:
"23rd June, today: that must mean 'tis The Gorgeous Lillys' birthday. Hope you are, right this moment, making an exquisite yet outrageously good time of it. There's only you, M' lady Lillys, still " ... keeping up the tone" for us... You are our 'Unique Experience' day after day after day. Long may you reign, Princess Lillys Miles, ma'am."
The day before the rest of Fleet Street picked it up (ha) this post on Shane Warne's strange new look produced nothing but scorn for the captive Aussie.

Joanne said: "It's only a question of time - the cobber will be out of the clobber and back down the pub before long." And Adam added: "Shane's face. My word, what they have done to your face. Must have been a trainee surgeon. Good blog and good points."

Which is a nice way to end. Enjoy the weekend folks - looks like the sun will shine.

 Foxy out.