Fox (n): carnivore of genus vulpes; crafty person; scavenger; (vb) to confuse; -ed (adj): to be drunk.
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Phone app

CELEBRITIES, policemen and politicians always want to have a tabloid journalist in their pocket.

They could never get Foxy though - until now!

FoxBall is a very simple phone app. Download it, ask Foxy a question, shake your phone, and she'll pour you a drink and tell you what she thinks.

If you've ever wondered 'What would Foxy do?' then this is the app for you. There'll be regular updates of Foxy sayings, and the home screen links back to this website if you click on the name at the side.

Click here to get Foxball for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Click here for the Android version... and here to get FoxBall for your Blackberry.