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Wednesday 29 June 2011

Leg it, love.

AS I've said before, a divorcée like me is no expert on how to have a happy marriage.

But a blind man can see that if you find out something unpleasant shortly before the nuptials, try to flee the country and he sends the police after you to catch you and 'persuade' you to return, it ain't going to be a very happy union.

He might be a prince, he might live in a tax haven, but he's still bald and ugly and weird and named after a genital adornment and if you've an ounce of sense, Charlene Wittstock, you'll dress as a washerwoman and make good your escape from Prince Albert of Monaco.

That, or hope like hell that an honest farm boy called Westley pitches up with a giant and a holocaust cloak.

"It's going to be so much more moving when I strangle her on our wedding night..."