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Saturday 7 May 2011

Letters to Lillys.

YOU know it's been a busy news week when a Royal Wedding gets knocked off the front page.

How Kate and Wills must have cheered when Osama bin Laden was killed - just like about 40 per cent of you, who took exception to this post about the US mishandling not just the raid and its purpose but also its aftermath.

Comrade Nick Cohen
"Oh stop whining... 'Men sleep peacefully in their beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.' George Orwell."
Anthony sarcastically added: "I am weeping over my tea at this great loss to humanity." And Stu responded: "Whereas ... I am weeping over my tea at this great loss of humanity."

Ed: Which neatly sums up the entire debate.

Gareth thought the death of a bad man can only be good:
"I understand this is an Op-Ed piece but I couldn't disagree more. How else do you think this should have been played out? Do you think they won't release the photo because of some incriminating evidence against the stated nature of death or could it be that it would be unwise release such an image to spread around the internet/media and further fan the flames of religious apartheid? Bin Laden is dead, and however it happened I am happy about it. For over ten years he was the (wrongly assumed) poster boy for all Muslim identity in America, and now he's not. And THAT, in my opinion, is a good thing."
Colin had a point when he asked:
"Why didn't the Seals think to chuck him a gun before shooting him. Legally that would have made everything fine, no?"
Peter thought the raid was about US vengeance:
"I have heard the description of the wounds to Osama's face, apparently, part of his forehead and an eye are missing and brain tissue is visible. I am not a ballistics expert, I do not own a gun but that type of wound sounds more like an exit wound than an entry wound. I fear he was shot in the back of the head execution-style. The Americans really should learn the difference between the words 'justice being served' and 'revenge'."
But poor Milesey was left scratching their head:
"I am becoming concerned. I keep agreeing with what you say..."
And Paul added:
"Been meaning to say, your blog on the #obl raid was inspired, great read and totally agree."
Finally, Del was thrilled to note your correspondent had been out on the lash during the week:
"Can't decide which I enjoy more, your boozy singalong jaunts home tweets or your hard-hitting, telling it how it is, blog."
Ed: I have a horrible feeling it's the singing.

Have a good weekend, y'all.

Foxy out.