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Wednesday 24 August 2011

A woman called Joan.

IF this woman spent her time complaining about people on Twitter, 'yobbos' wearing jeans and how Maggie Thatcher was a leader cast in the mould of Winston Churchill we'd all ignore her.
A woman called Joan.

In fact she's spent this week complaining about the weather, advising the nation what kind of clothes to wear and telling us her thoughts on why Nick Clegg is somehow holding Dishface back from true Prime Ministerial greatness.

This lady has been telling us the manifold ways in which she believes Britain has been irretrievably ruined and it's all the fault of that old bogeyman 'political correctness'.

The same woman.
But no-one has pointed out these were the thoughts of a septuagenarian who, while to be applauded and praised for many things not least her personal broad-mindedness, won't earn many points for logical reasoning.

That's because when she said all those things, she was wearing a different wig.