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Saturday 6 August 2011

Letters to Lillys.

WITH the Silly Season in full sway and half the world on holiday it's been a quiet week, unless you're a polar bear or a banker.

Obama's last-minute deal to save the world economy is not looking so great now but the start of the week saw this post on how Belgium is doing quite well without any politicians and that perhaps we had all been taken for a ride.

Paul said: "What?!? So Britain never actually ground to a halt... despite having no government?!? Now THAT'S radical!" But Charles pointed out that even without MPs there are still flaws in our financial system. He said: "To be fair, not everyone paid their taxes."

Then the University of the Bleeding Obvious surprised everyone by announcing that colonic irrigation was not just a waste of time but potentially bad for you. Brian said: "Stand up Ben Goldacre, you've been rumbled." And Paul added: "Talkin' shit, baby. Fo' shiz."

On Wednesday the world went mad when children's glove puppet hero Sooty had a psychotic episode and smacked magician Paul Daniels in the face with a pizza in a telly spat in no way staged to get two faded TV stars in the papers on a slow news week.

Mark said: "Paul Daniels made to look stupid by small furry animal, not for the first time." Joanne spotted the secret code and said: "Utterly gratuitous use of the photo again Foxy - bravo!"

Calls for the death penalty to be reinstated came at the end of the still-slow news week and caused more comment than anything else after this post on why killing people to prove that killing people is wrong would cause a series of quite logical problems.

Richard said: "I am against the death penalty for one reason: if politicians cannot run the country and the economy, how could you trust them with that?" Andrew said: "Killing Bad People is Good, simple as." But Vikki added: "I agree with Foxy. Hole in floor no rights and none of these perks that innocent people can't afford."

Katherine disagreed: "There's a word for the punishment you propose as an alternative to the death penalty - torture."

And Frankie said: "When you write like this i find myself cheering, exceptional piece, you should have a daily column and two on Sundays!"

Ed: With which I cannot help but agree. If only newspaper editors did the same!

Have a nice weekend everyone - looks like it will be unimpressively cloudy, but hey-ho.

Foxy out.