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Friday 4 May 2012


FINALLY I can tell you why today is a Big Exciting News Day!

(I am squeaking with joy while typing this.)


From today the Friday version of this blog will be hosted on the Daily Mirror's website. Monday to Thursday my normal posts will be here, but if you want some Foxy for the weekend it's going to be at and today's post is here.

There's also loads of other stuff like Richard Hammond, 3am showbiz gossip, money tips, news and sport and that. The website's had a massive revamp recently and an extremely clever person decided they needed me on it too, which is nice.

I've not gone corporate, I'm not going to toe any editorial lines, and I'm going to carry on doing exactly what I always have, which is being sarky and telling you stuff you might not otherwise hear.

Hope you like it. Next stop: world domination.

It only took a year.